2015 BOSS Volleyball Tryout information and required forms are below

All players who wish to play for BOSS Volleyball Club should try to attend all tryout days scheduled for their age group to have a fair and equal evaluation.  If you cannot attend all sessions, please make arrangements in advance with Directors Kim or Dick McLain so coaches can properly evaluate all players.    Do not make this arrangement with any coaches, Please go directly to the directors to schedule a session.    We will provide each player a fair chance to display her abilities to the Directors and/or coaching staff.   Our objective is to provide a team and quality coach for each player who wants to play club volleyball.

Players must complete CEVA/USA Volleyball membership and all paperwork listed below before tryouts.   (Must be a member for insurance purposes)

What team do you tryout for?   Age Definition—-> Click Here

2015 BOSS Volleyball Tryout fee: $25

You must bring check/cash to tryouts.

2015 BOSS Volleyball Tryout Dates:

12u -November 2nd

November 2nd @ 4:00pm-6:00pm – Santiam Christian HS

**12u Signing party- TBD

14u – November 2nd

November 2nd @ 1:00pm-3:00pm – Santiam Christian HS

**14u Signing party- TBD

16u -November 22nd & 23rd

November 22nd – 8:00am-11:30am @ Santiam Christian

November 23rd – 12:00pm-3:00pm @ Santiam Christian (If Needed)

**16u Signing party-  – TBD

18u – November 22nd & 23rd

November 22nd – 8:00am-11:30am @ Santiam Christian

November 23rd – 12:00pm-3:00pm @ Santiam Christian (If Needed)

**18u Signing party-  – TBD

**YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED MEMBER WITH CEVA BEFORE ATTENDING TRYOUTS!   CEVA/USA Volleyball Registration Link and important paperwork information is below. You must choose junior member when you register


For CEVA/USA Volleyball on-line membership registration:

1. Returning member Login—-> Click Here

Instruction—-> Click Here (Read steps 12 & 13)

2. New Member—-> Click Here

Instructions—-> Click Here (Read steps 13 & 14)

**Please follow complete procedures and bring all paperwork to tryouts.

BOSS Volleyball Required Paperwork at Tryouts

  • BOSS Volleyball Tryout Registration Form—-> Click Here

  • BOSS Volleyball Waiver and Release Form—-> Click Here

  • CEVA/USA Volleyball – Player Membership Card (Print at Membership Registration)

  • CEVA/USA Volleyball – Medical Release Form (Print at Membership Registration)

  • CEVA/USA Volleyball – Concussion Form (Print at Membership Registration)

  • Club Commitment Letter—-> Click Here

  • **Please complete all paperwork before attending tryouts

BOSS Team Selections

With the nature of our experienced coaching staff – BOSS Volleyball has extensive background evaluating athletes at all levels.    Each year during tryouts we will consider every athlete as a prospective member of BOSS Volleyball Club.   They will go through a battery of tests to evaluate their athleticism and volleyball skill, as well as team play.   In addition, the staff is continually evaluating athletes we see, whether in our club or another, on a high school team, at camps, even in other sports events. Each athlete must come to the tryouts ready to compete for a place on a team.

Teams are selected by the Directors and/or Coaching staff, who will review all available physical testing data, skills test results and observations on the team play during tryouts. Athletes are strongly encouraged to attend ALL try-out sessions for their age group. Athletes who miss sessions will have fewer opportunities to showcase their skills.   We will not entertain team requests pertaining to a players convenience, personal relationships, school affiliations, or other allegiances.

**(athletes with limiting physical or medical condition should talk to the Director prior to the start of the tryout period.)**

We base our player selections on many factors:

  • Current volleyball skill level (specifically the 6 basic skills: Passing, Setting Hitting, Blocking, Digging & Serving)
  • Physicality (Height, Jumping Ability, Quickness, etc..)
  • Athleticism (Coordination, Ability to take up new skills)
  • Passion for the game
  • Attitude
    • Work Ethic
    • Competitiveness
    • Coach-ability
    • Ability to interact with teammates
  • Positional needs for a specific team

Trying Out for Older Age Groups

If a player wishes to tryout for an age group older than their actual age group, the parents must receive permission from the BOSS Volleyball club Director.    Whenever a player tries out for two age groups, the Director will meet with the player and her parent(s) to discuss the player’s options.   The player will be required to attend the older age group’s tryout session additional to her own age groups tryout unless she has demonstrated exceptional ability and the Director has excused her from attending the younger age group tryout session.   Only the club Director or Assistant Director will have the authority to approve a player’s absence from her actual age group tryout.   If the player demonstrates a skill level which can benefit an upper level team, that player will have an option for a position with that upper age group.   If the player does not display a skill level to benefit the older age group, then the player will be on a team of their actual age group.

(14s player may perform extremely well in 14s, but lack the level of play to benefit a 16s team. It is much more beneficial for the player to be in a starting rotation, than sitting on the bench getting limited floor time.)

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